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9109-903 – New Delphi Inlet Metering Valve

80.00 excl. VAT

Description: Brand new genuine Delphi pressure regulator in original packaging. Exactly as seen on the production line and as offered by your official dealer.

Model: n/a

Warranty: 12 months unlimited mileage Delphi warranty.

Returns: 30 days from invoice date unused and in resaleable condition.

Core Deposit: Not applicable. Outright sale.



Fits the Following Applications

MakeModelSizebhpYearsEngine Code and Other Specifications
CitroenC31.4 d902002-8HY, DV4TED4, HDI, 16V
CitroenC41.4 d902002-8HY, DV4TED4, HDI, 16V
DaciaDokker1.5 d862012-K9K830
DaciaDuster1.5 d862010-K9K796, K9K830, Euro 4
DaciaLodgy1.5 d862012-K9K830
DaciaLogan1.5 d68-862006-K9K792, K9K830, Euro 4
DaciaSandero1.5 d862012-K9K830
FordFocus1.8 d2001-LYNX, TDCi
FordMondeo2.2 d2004-2007FMBA, N7BA, PUMA, GE, TDCi
FordMondeo2.0 d1302001-2007FMBA, N7BA, PUMA, GE, TDCi
FordTourneo1.8 d2002-LYNX, TDCi, Connect
FordTransit2.0 d2001-2007FMBA, N7BA, PUMA
FordTransit1.8 d2002-LYNX, TDCi, Connect
HyundaiTerracan2.9 d1632003-2006CRDi
JaguarX-Type2.2 d2003-2009X404, xtype, x type
JaguarX-Type2.0 d2003-2009X404, xtype, x type
KiaCarnival2.9 d185-1922006-HJ3, VGT, Euro 4
KiaSedona2.9 d1852006-HJ3, VGT, Euro 4, Grand Carnival
MercedesCitan1.5 d902012-OM607.951, CDI, W415
NissanMicra1.5 d862005-K9K276, K 12
NissanNote1.5 d862006-2009K9K276, Euro 4
NissanNV2001.5 d862009-K9K276
RenaultClio1.5 d57-862003-2009K9K714, 716, 718, 740, 766, 768, Euro 3, Euro 4
RenaultFluence1.5 d862010-K9K830, Euro 4
RenaultKangoo1.5 d68-902005-K9K714, K9K718, K9K802, Euro 3, Euro 4, Express
RenaultMegane1.5 d862005-2008K9K724, Euro 4
RenaultModus1.5 d68-682006-K9K766, K9K768, Euro 4
RenaultScenic1.5 d862005-K9K724, K9K830, Euro 4
RenaultSymbol1.5 d64-682001-K9K700, K9K714, K9K740, Euro 4
RenaultThalia1.5 d64-682001-K9K700, K9K714, K9K716, Euro 4
RenaultTwingo1.5 d642007-2014K9K740, Euro 4
SamsungSM31.5 d862010-K9K830, Euro 4
SsangYongActyon2.0 d136-1412003-2011D20DT, Euro 4, Sports
SsangYongKyron2.7 d163-1652006-D27DT, Euro 4
SsangYongKyron2.0 d1362003-2006D20DT, Euro 4
SsangYongRexton2.7 d163-1652006-2009D27DT, Euro 4
SsangYongRexton2.0 d1552011-D20DTR, W
SsangYongRodius2.7 d163-1652006-2012D27DT, Stavic, Euro 4
SuzukiJimny1.5 d862005-K9K266, Euro 4
SuzukiLiana1.4 d902004-20068HY, DV4TED4
TataIndigo1.4 d2006-DICOR
TataMarina1.4 d2006-DICOR
TataSafari3.0 d2005-BS3, DICOR
TataSafari2.2 d2007-DICOR, Euro 4
TataXenon3.0 d2007-BS3, DICOR


Compatible with the Following Part Numbers

ManufacturerOriginal Equipment


Additional information

Weight.123 kg