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0928 400 607 – New Bosch Metering Valve

100.00 excl. VAT

Description: Brand new genuine Bosch pressure regulator in original packaging. Exactly as seen on the production line and as offered by your official dealer.

Model: n/a

Warranty: 12 months unlimited mileage Bosch warranty.

Returns: 30 days from invoice date unused and in resaleable condition.

Core Deposit: Not applicable. Outright sale.



Fits the Following Applications

MakeModelSizebhpYearsEngine Code and Other Specifications
CitroenBerlingo1.6 d90-1092004-9HS, 9HV, 9HW, DV6B, 9HX, 9HZ, HDI
CitroenC21.4 d682003-20098H… DV4TD, HDI, A6, JM
CitroenC21.6 d1092007-20099HZ DV6TED4, HDI, A6, JM
CitroenC31.4 d68-702003-8HW, 8HZ DV4TD, HDI, A31, FC, Pluriel
CitroenC31.6 d902007-9HX DV6ATED4, HDI, A31, A51, A58, 16V, 90, FC
CitroenC41.6 d90-1092004-9H… DV6TED4, 9HV DV6TED4/FAP, 9HX DV6ATED4, HDI, B5, B58
CitroenC51.6 d1092004-20109H… DV6TED4, HDI, X3, RC, RE, RC8HZB, RE8HZB
CitroenDispatch1.6 d902007-9HU DV6UTED4, HDI, G9
CitroenNemo1.4 d682008-8HS DV4TED, HDI, A9
CitroenXsara1.4 d68-902004-20108HZ DV4TD, 9HX DV6ATED4, HDI, N0, N1, N2, N7
FordC-MAX1.6 d902007-2010Duratorq, TDCi, 07, DM2
FordFiesta1.6 d75-902004-HHJ, Duratorq, Euro 4, TDCi, 02, 08, JH, JD, MK5, V, MK6, VI
FordFocus C-MAX1.6 d90-1092005-2007HHD, Duratorq, TDCi, 04
FordFocus1.6 d90-1092004-HHD, GPD, Duratorq, Euro 4, Euro 5, MK2, II, TDCi, 04, 08
FordFusion1.6 d902004-HHJ… Euro3/Euro4, TDCi, 02
Mazda21.6 d902008-2010Y6, CD,DE
Mazda31.6 d1092003-Y6, MZ-CD
PeugeotBipper1.4 d682008-8HS DV4TED, HDI, A9, Tepee
PeugeotExpert1.6 d902007-9HU DV6UTED4, HDI, G9
PeugeotPartner1.6 d75-1092005-9HS, 9HV, 9HW, DV6B, 9HX, 9HZ, HDI
Peugeot2061.4 d75-1092004-8H … DV4TD, 9H… DV6TED4, 8HX DV4TD, HDI
Peugeot2071.4 d682006-20108HZ DV4TD, HDI, WA, WC
Peugeot2071.6 d90-1092007-20119H… DV6TED4, 9HV DV6TED4/FAP, HDI, A7, CC, SW
Peugeot3071.4 d682004-20058HZ DV4TD, HDI, SW, 3A/C, 3E, 3H, 70
Peugeot3071.6 d90-1092004-20079H… DV6TED4, HDI, T5, T6, SW, 3A/C, 3E, 3H
Peugeot3081.6 d90-1092007-9HV DV6TED4/FAP, 9HX DV6ATED4, 9HZ DV6TED4/FAP, HDI
Peugeot4071.6 d1092004-9H… DV6TED4, HDI, 6D, 6E, D2, 110, SW
Peugeot10071.6 d1092007-9HZ DV6TED4, HDI, A8
Peugeot30081.6 d1092009-9HZ DV6TED4/FAP, HDI, T8
Peugeot50081.6 d1092009-9H… DV6TED4/FAP, HDI, T8
SuzukiSX41.6 d902007-9HX, DDiS
VolvoC301.6 d1092006-2011D4164T…, D DRIVe
VolvoS801.6 d1092009-D4164T, D DRIVe, MK2, II, MS
VolvoV701.6 d1092010-2011D4164T, D DRIVe


Compatible with the Following Part Numbers

ManufacturerOriginal Equipment
09284006070445 010 102


Additional information

Weight.123 kg